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How To Choose Decking Slabs Timber

  • Monday, 29 June 2020
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How To Choose Decking Slabs Timber

Decking slabs timber is available from a number of suppliers often don't know the difference between the timber types. As they should, use your common sense when buying timber and be sure to compare as many products as possible before making a decision. When purchasing decking, timber, concrete and other wood products it is important to note the material and grade of the slabs and lumber that you buy. Generally speaking, standard decking slabs are only known for being manufactured from softwood.

This type of wood is also known as sapwood. It is a poor quality lumber, although is not uncommon to find some for sale which have been treated with chemicals and anti-rust finishes, but even these have a tendency to deteriorate and form dents in the wood. If this is the case with the lumber you wish to purchase, you can easily have your decking installed without the need for further maintenance or repair work.

Decking slabs timber that has been treated properly will not dent or crack, therefore ensuring long lasting durability of the product. Some companies will offer this wood as both solid timber and composite. If you choose to go with the composite product then it will have a coloured wood with a composite core, however the composite will only be slightly less durable than the standard wood, although this is not necessarily a huge deal in the majority of cases. However, there is no way to tell whether a timber supplier will use composite slabs or not before you make your purchase.

Decking slabs timber such as Fraser, Burlington, Babbody, Nova, Buford, Gaylord, Wilson, and more come from a range of different kinds of wood and from different countries, all of which vary in price. If you want to purchase decking lumber then you should be able to find what you need by searching on the internet and the specialist suppliers of decking slabs timber.

Decking slabs timber is available in different types of timber. For example, you can choose from cherry, oak, maple, and teak. However, some timber suppliers do not offer teak as a material which is used in decking slabs timber, so make sure you check and see if your timber supplier has this option available.

For the most part, prices for decking slabs timber should be reasonable, particularly if you are looking at general purpose timber and not expensive designer timber. Prices may also vary according to the size of the decking slab you are buying.

Decking slabs timber is also available in a variety of natural colours, which allows you to either hide or accent wood that might otherwise appear dull. Being a natural wood, it will have some color variation to it and will have its own natural characteristics, however it is still quite common to find darker colors like red, brown or black to create a better contrast with the lighter colours used in decking slabs timber.

When you decide that you want to install decking slabs timber yourself, it is imperative that you take care to select the right contractor for the job. Many home improvement stores carry a list of home improvement contractors that are well known for decking timber slabs installation.

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