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Are You Aware of the Difference Between Waterproof and Breathable Materials?

  • Friday, 10 April 2020
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Are You Aware of the Difference Between Waterproof and Breathable Materials?

To the average person, it is a baffling topic.waterproof wpc flooring wholesale Waterproof and breathable materials are commonly used to mean the same thing, but actually they have different meanings. This article will help you understand the difference between these two terms.

The phrase "waterproof" usually refers to a protective layer of a material that is designed to prevent water from entering.waterproof wpc flooring wholesale waterproof wpc flooring wholesale By design, it must have a sealant that prevents the water from leaking through the outer layer. A material that is waterproof can be used on a variety of surfaces or it can be designed for specific situations. These protective layers are commonly made of some type of material that has been sealed to the surface by a waterproof adhesive.

The phrase "breathable" is used to describe a material that keeps moisture out.waterproof wpc flooring wholesale waterproof wpc flooring wholesale For example, many outdoor furniture that is sold is breathable because it can reduce condensation in the air and prevent mold and mildew. However, if a material is breathable, it cannot be waterproof. This can cause the material to become very slippery if it gets wet.

Breathable materials are typically used in the industry for food, such as pizza boxes.waterproof wpc flooring wholesale waterproof wpc flooring wholesale They are also used in sports equipment. Waterproof and breathable materials do not necessarily go together, so these materials should not be mixed. If two products have different properties, they are usually incompatible with each other.

Most fabrics are considered to be waterproof if they do not absorb any water through their surface.waterproof wpc flooring wholesale waterproof wpc flooring wholesale These are commonly used in outdoor wear such as Gore-Tex clothing. Most fabrics are manufactured to be breathable, which is why you often see them mentioned as the same term.

There are many types of waterproof and breathable materials, but there are also some materials that work in an opposite way. Some materials have features that make them difficult to breathe. These materials include nylon, polyester, and Lycra.

Breathable materials are a little trickier to understand because many times, you will see products referred to as both waterproof and breathable. These are often confused when it comes to the specific material, but the manufacturers and retailers are legally allowed to call them two different things.

Whether you choose to use waterproof and breathable materials depends on what your needs are. If you only need to protect the outside of your furniture or clothing, these materials are a good choice. If you need to breathe so that your clothes can breathe, then the breathable fabrics are probably your best bet.

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